Radikal Forze Jam

Singaporean dancers to watch

Josephine Cheah

Every dancer looks to make their mark, especially with an ever-growing dance scene in the country. Here are some of the Singaporean dancers that you should keep a lookout for.

Dance in Singapore is an ever-growing scene which is even heavily embedded into every Singaporean’s years in school. Without a doubt, most Singaporeans will remember taking part in some form of school mass-dance or even trying out competing in an intra-university dance competition. While some may do this for fun, there is a strong competitive spirit in Singaporean dancers, many having their eyes on big competitions both local and international.

With one of the regions biggest dance competitions, Radikal Forze Jam, being held in Singapore, it’s no doubt that Singaporean dancers would want to find themselves competing at the same level as RFJ veterans such as Red Bull dancers, and Red Bull BC One All Stars, Taisuke and Victor Montalvo, both having competed in RFJ several times.

Here are some Singaporean dancers that you should keep a lookout for:


A part of Singapore's pioneering Hip Hop Crew, Radikal Forze Crew, and a part of Team Nike Singapore, Germaine is not just a dancer, but a community event organiser, teacher, and judge. She has travelled all over the world bringing her signature styles of Groove, Flava & Attitude to the likes of those including Taiwan, Germany, Australia, Greece, and Indonesia. Germaine organises an all-ladies event, "The Ladies Call", which started out as a small local project in 2015, to an international event in 2020 with 8 participating countries. To continue to put Singapore on the map, she's even choreographed and performed with Kato, Japan's Pioneer Hip Hop Dancer, for the Singapore Japan Xchange Project.


Jeremiah is a bboy that incorporates flares into his overall dance style, and is known for his unique and intricate transitions in and out of moves. A SEA Game Bronze Medalist, Jeremiah's introduction into breaking was little ways away from when he actually developed a passion for the art. Jeremiah started breaking at the age of 12 for the sole reason of competing with his friends to see who could hold the longest babyfreeze. It wasn't until years later that Jeremiah started getting into the art and honing his skills and joining breaking crews. Now a part of Checkered Minds and Raw Massive, Jeremiah attributes his growth to his inspirations from his crews, the OGs in the community, and his breaking partner, Shane.


12 years into the game, Melissa is still bringing good old groovy and soulful vibes to the scene in Singapore, both in her teachings and competitions. A whacker, house, and Hip Hop dancer, Melissa is a part of The Friday Waacking Club of Recognize Studios and regards her best experience as performing on stage for Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) for a countdown concert in Macau in 2019.


Copywriter by day, dancer by night, Fazil has been dancing for almost a decade. Starting out freestyling in clubs, Fazil only really started training "battle" freestyle in 2013, and fell in love with freestyling as a way to express identity and style. Competing in both local and international events, Fazil has bagged some insane bragging rights as the winner of the Radikal Forze Jam 2c2 Open Styles in 2019, winner of Daejeon Underground 2v2 Open Styles 2019 in Korea, and winner of Eat D Beat 1v1 Hip Hop 2019 in Indonesia.


Dancing for over 10 years, Aaron took it upon himself to learn dance through online media and self-training, and it's definitely paid off - now as a dancer, competitor, and judge, he stuns with his popping and electric boogaloo style. Aaron's passion for the art form drives his exchanges with both local and overseas dancers for inspiration, and his hard work and dedication has even brought him to the Top 50 in the Street Dance of China competition.


Once a shy young boy, Kok Cheung started dancing in 2011 which brought him out of his shell and onto a world stage. First taught by Ben a.k.a. pSyk and Robin and even received guidance from Mr. Wiggles himself, Kok Cheung now travels all over the world to open for international shows, compete, and even represent his country in the Keep On Dancing Asia Qualifier in Korea.

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